As a Realtor in Danville, CA, I am pleased to share with you the latest market activity for the 94526 zip code.

The Danville real estate market is heating up

As we enter the Spring season, which is historically the best time to sell real estate. In the last two months alone, 34 homes were sold in Danville (94526), with an average sold price of $1,915,292.

The average original list price for these homes was $2,004,082, and homes sold 3% under asking on average. It’s worth noting that the median days on market was only 8 days, indicating a strong demand for properties in the area. In fact, 53% of these homes received multiple offers, highlighting the competition among buyers for properties in Danville.

In terms of financing, 29 people had conventional loans, 1 person had a VA loan, and 4 people paid cash for their homes. Additionally, 21% of the buyers received some sort of concession from the seller, indicating a willingness among sellers to negotiate.

Homes for sale in Danville, CA

As of March 22nd, there are only 29 houses on the market for sale in Danville, which is lower than usual for this time of year. The median list price for these homes is $1,900,000, and the average amount of time these homes have been listed is 23 days. This means that properties are selling quickly, and there is a limited supply of homes available for sale in the area.

Home prices in Danville, CA

It’s also worth noting that sold home prices are up 19% month-over-month in Danville (94526). This suggests that the market is becoming increasingly competitive, with buyers willing to pay a premium for properties in the area.

Overall, the Danville, CA real estate market is currently very active, with strong demand for properties and limited supply. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Danville, now is a great time to do so.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about the current state of the Danville real estate market.

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