If you own a home in Concord, CA, you’re in luck! The current real estate market conditions in our beautiful city make it an ideal time to sell your home. With low housing supply and high demand, prices are soaring, and properties are selling faster than ever. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why now is the perfect opportunity to put your home on the market and take advantage of the thriving real estate market in Concord.

The Power of Supply and Demand in Concord’s Housing Market

Concord, CA is experiencing a remarkable shortage of available homes for sale, creating a significant advantage for sellers. With a limited supply and a high number of potential buyers, the demand for housing in our city has skyrocketed. This healthy supply-demand imbalance results in several benefits for homeowners looking to sell their properties.

How much do homes cost in Concord, CA?

Thanks to the low housing supply and the high demand, the prices of homes in Concord have reached impressive heights. Over the past three months alone, the median home price for properties ranging from 1200-1700 square feet was recorded at a remarkable $775,000. These figures indicate a substantial increase in property values, making it an opportune time to capitalize on the current market conditions.

Selling my home with a Realtor in Concord, CA

In Concord’s competitive real estate market, homes are selling faster than ever before. On average, properties in the city remained on the market for just 8 days until accepting offers. This quick turnaround time showcases the eagerness of buyers to secure a home in Concord, further emphasizing the strong demand present in the market.

Cash Offers and Above-List Price Sales on homes for sale in Concord CA?

While most buyers opt for loans when purchasing a home, there is a notable trend of cash offers in Concord’s real estate landscape. Out of the recent transactions, a remarkable 14 buyers paid cash for their new homes, indicating the attractiveness and investment potential of properties in our city.

Moreover, sellers in Concord have been pleasantly surprised by the sale prices they have achieved. On average, homes have sold for approximately 3% above their list price. This price premium demonstrates the competitive nature of the market and the willingness of buyers to pay a premium to secure their desired home in Concord.

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