Todd Goforth, Concord Realtor here, I’ve created a snap shot of the Concord housing market over the last 18 months, I looked at all 1,383 homes that sold in the city, these are their median sales prices:

Prior 3 months to current: $840,000 (102.96% of list price)

Prior 4-6 month period: $800,000 (101.23% of list price)

Prio 7-12 month period: $790,000 (99.47% of list price)

Prior 13-15 month period: $875,000 (103.34% of list price)

Prior 16-18 month period: $901,500 (110.99% of list price)

As you can see, we’re climbing back up, homes are going about 3% over asking again

How do people buy homes for sale in Concord, CA?

Over last 30 days, 69 homes in Concord were sold, the median sales price was $835,000

The avg amount over list price was 1%

Most homes received more than 4 offers, up to 14 offers. 

It only took 9 days to accept an offer

15 people paid cash

48 people had loans

5 people had FHA loans

1 person used private financing

Todd Goforth

Concord Realtor

2001 Salvio St #25, Concord CA 94520


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