As a dedicated Concord Realtor, I’ve taken a deep dive into the housing market of Concord, CA, specifically examining homes between 1,200 and 1,800 sqft. that sold over the past year. Here’s a concise breakdown of the market trends by zip code:

Home prices in 94520

  • Starting from November 2022, homes were sold at prices ranging from $590,000 to $912,000.
  • The highest sale was noted in March 2023 at $912,000.
  • The most affordable sale was in December 2022, with a house going for $590,000.

Home prices in 94518

  • Prices in this zip code fluctuated between $600,000 and $1,065,000 from November 2022.
  • A notable peak was seen in February 2023, with a home selling for an impressive $1,065,000.
  • The lowest sale was recorded in December 2022, priced at $600,000.

Home prices in 94521

  • Homes here have been sold for prices between $585,000 and $1,046,000 since October 2022.
  • The highest sale was observed in November 2022, with a closing deal at $1,046,000.
  • A home was most affordably sold in November 2022 for $585,000.

Home prices in 94519

  • The sale prices here ranged from $570,000 to $840,000 starting from October 2022.
  • The highest sale was in December 2022, with a home selling for $840,000.
  • The least expensive sale was in November 2022, with a home priced at $570,000.

The Concord housing market has seen a dynamic year, with notable highs and a few lows. The market has held fairly strong and remains competitive despite 23-year-high mortgage interest rates. The reason is low inventory… people are locked into their homes whether they like it or not, at low interest rates. The majority of those selling currently are those that have major life changes and have to.

If you’re considering buying or selling in Concord, having a reliable Concord Realtor on your side can make all the difference. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy home in 94519 or considering selling in 94521, understanding these trends can provide invaluable insights.

Reach out today to navigate the Concord real estate landscape with confidence! – Todd Goforth, Realtor in Concord CA

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