Homes for sale Concord, CA

Active listings: Currently, the residential market primarily consists of detached properties. With a price range of $745,000 to $749,999, there is a single listing available. This property presents an excellent opportunity for buyers looking for a high-quality home. Additionally, there are other active listings in different price ranges, totaling to 5 properties on the market. The cumulative dollar volume for these listings amounts to an impressive $3,837,887. The average price and median price stand at $767,577 and $760,000, respectively. On average, these properties spend approximately 27 days on the market.

New Listings: If you prefer newly listed properties, there are several options worth considering. The residential market currently offers 5 detached properties in various price ranges. Ranging from $680,000 to $684,999, these listings present great value for prospective homeowners. The cumulative dollar volume for these new listings is $3,994,000, with an average price of $798,800. The median price for these properties stands at $825,000, and they typically stay on the market for around 5 days.

Active – Coming Soon Listings: Buyers looking for exclusive opportunities will be pleased to know that there is an active listing coming soon to the market. This detached property, priced between $850,000 and $854,999, presents a unique chance to secure a sought-after home. With a total dollar volume of $850,000, this property offers a compelling investment opportunity. On average, such properties spend about 10 days on the market before becoming available to interested buyers.

Sold Listings: Examining recent sales in the residential market, we find a diverse range of detached properties that have been successfully sold. With a total of 22 properties sold, the cumulative dollar volume amounts to an impressive $16,580,388. The average price for these sold listings stands at $753,654, while the median price is $765,000. The average time these properties spent on the market before being sold is 12 days, highlighting the desirability of these homes.

Pending Listings: Currently, there are 22 pending listings for detached residential properties. These homes, with an average price of $716,955, offer potential buyers an array of choices. The price range for these properties varies, with the lowest being $545,000 and the highest at $855,000. The median price for these pending listings is $697,500, and they typically spend an average of 54 days on the market before a sale is finalized.

Pending Court Confirmation Listings: In addition to the pending listings, there is one residential property awaiting court confirmation. Priced at $665,000, this detached property represents an intriguing opportunity for interested buyers. With an average of 28 days on the market, this property is worth considering for those looking for unique offerings.

Overall Concord, CA housing market as of late June 2023

The Concord real estate market is brimming with opportunities for buyers and investors alike. With a total of 56 listings, the residential market offers a wide range of options to suit various budgets and preferences. The cumulative dollar volume for all these listings stands at an impressive $41,700,275.

How much does a house cost in Concord, CA?

The average price for properties on the market in Concord CA is $744,648, while the median price is $737,444. On average, properties spend around 29 days on the market, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing landscape for buyers.

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